domingo, 19 de abril de 2009

English Thing

(inspirado no seriado Twin Peaks)

I really wanna know
what am i supose to do?
always keeping the moments away
thinking i could protect you

am i doing right?
am i doing wrong?
am i being myself
trying keep this hidden?

if i cannot wait
for you to get prepared
i will need an excuse
to explain why we did it

finally it happened
and now i'm scared to death
since when you desapeared
i've being asking
are you come back?

(inspirado no filme com rotoscópio waking life)

i was also trying to think
don't smoke, don't drink
trying to get the reality
on my own hands and shake it

be awake, i said
with strong voice
as i were my father
as i had no choice

to choose or be choosen
to say yes to everything
be awake will be my punishment
i've decided, no more dreams


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